Junio C Hamano wrote:
> I am not sure what you mean by artificial.

By artificial, I mean that the precondition is absolutely unnecessary
for the code following it to work.  The precondition was introduced in
a separate commit, specifically denying one usecase because the author
(you) thought that made sense.

> If you have push.default set upstream or simple, then a push run
> while on the branch 'foo' will figure out what happens when you do a
> fetch by looking at 'branch.foo.merge' to find the branch we are set
> to integrate from 'branch.foo.remote' remote.  The simple further
> says that branch name must be the same as 'foo'.

I understand this perfectly well, as evidenced by the tests I've
written out in 4/4.

> And that is what setup_push_UPSTREAM() is designed to do.  Rejecting
> a call that breaks the precondition is perfectly the right thing to
> do: if you set to push to "upstream" and if you are trying to push
> to a different remote, for example.
> The triangle topic changed the precondition without updating the
> logic to check it, which was the bug, not the original check.

Did I claim otherwise?  :)
The topic is about fixing a bug introduced by rr/triangle.

> I actually am OK with 'upstream' that rejects triangular, while
> making 'simple' do something different [*1*].

Okay, so you haven't outlined a solution either.  Like I said in the
cover-letter, I've spent hours breaking my head and can't figure out a
better solution.  The bigger problem is that upstream/ simple were
designed with only central workflows in mind.  How do we deal with it

Yes, upstream/ simple work only when @{u} resolves, and I haven't
changed this (because we don't have a well-defined meaning for what
branch.<name>.merge without a branch.<name>.remote means).  My
argument is very simple: no push.default mode should not dictate the
push destination; only the push refspec.  What makes sense to the user
is an upstream/ simple that works as expected with pushdefault: do the
tests I've outlined in 4/4 not make sense?  *scratches head*

I don't understand why upstream/ simple should _not_ push to a
different destination from the one being merged from.  I'll repeat:
push source/ destination is orthogonal to push refspec, and
push.default modes dictate the refspec.
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