New (and hopefully last version) of my series of patches to follow perlcritic's

Changes with v3:
- Remove whitespace in [18/28]
- Typo in [09/28]
- Better line split in [22/28]
- A part of the file @@ -610,9 +610,9 @@ had escaped patches [22/31] and 
[23/31] for some reason. This is fixed.
- patch [29/31] and [30/31] are new: they add a .perlcriticrc file to ignore
some rules and add a rule in the Makefile for perlcritic
- patch [31/31] is also a new one, which intends to make some error messages 
more precise. It comes from an advice from es in the reviewing of v1, that I 
had forgotten to add in earlier versions. It is not related to perlcritic, but I
hope it can be included into this series of patches anyway.

Changes with v2:
- Remove patch [02/22] about using the Readonly module
- Split commit [07/22] into 5 different ones
- Split commit [14/22] into 2 different ones
- Patch [17/22] was *not* split: tell me if it is necessary
- Remove wrong change in patch [22/22]

Changes with v1:
- split first commit into 6 different commits
- remove commit [17/18] about moving open() call
- took every other comment into account

Célestin Matte (31):
  git-remote-mediawiki: Make a regexp clearer
  git-remote-mediawiki: Move "use warnings;" before any instruction
  git-remote-mediawiki: Replace :utf8 by :encoding(UTF-8)
  git-remote-mediawiki: Always end a subroutine with a return
  git-remote-mediawiki: Move a variable declaration at the top of the
  git-remote-mediawiki: Change syntax of map calls
  git-remote-mediawiki: Rewrite unclear line of instructions
  git-remote-mediawiki: Remove useless regexp modifier (m)
  git-remote-mediawiki: Change the behaviour of a split
  git-remote-mediawiki: Change separator of some regexps
  git-remote-mediawiki: Change style in a regexp
  git-remote-mediawiki: Change style in a regexp
  git-remote-mediawiki: Add newline in the end of die() error messages
  git-remote-mediawiki: Change the name of a variable
  git-remote-mediawiki: Turn double-negated expressions into simple
  git-remote-mediawiki: Remove unused variable $entry
  git-remote-mediawiki: Rename a variable ($last) which has the name of
    a keyword
  git-remote-mediawiki: Assign a variable as undef and make proper
  git-remote-mediawiki: Check return value of open
  git-remote-mediawiki: remove import of unused open2
  git-remote-mediawiki: Put long code into a subroutine
  git-remote-mediawiki: Modify strings for a better coding-style
  git-remote-mediawiki: Brace file handles for print for more clarity
  git-remote-mediawiki: Replace "unless" statements with negated "if"
  git-remote-mediawiki: Don't use quotes for empty strings
  git-remote-mediawiki: Put non-trivial numeric values in constants.
  git-remote-mediawiki: Fix a typo ("mediwiki" instead of "mediawiki")
  git-remote-mediawiki: Clearly rewrite double dereference
  git-remote-mediawiki: Add a .perlcriticrc file
  git-remote-mediawiki: add a perlcritic rule in Makefile
  git-remote-mediawiki: Make error message more precise

 contrib/mw-to-git/.perlcriticrc             |   28 ++
 contrib/mw-to-git/Makefile                  |    5 +-
 contrib/mw-to-git/git-remote-mediawiki.perl |  543 +++++++++++++++------------
 3 files changed, 327 insertions(+), 249 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 contrib/mw-to-git/.perlcriticrc


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