On Tue, Jun 11, 2013 at 5:34 PM, Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> wrote:

> * fc/remote-helpers-use-specified-python (2013-05-28) 4 commits
>  - remote-helpers: add exec-path links
>  - remote-helpers: allow direct test execution
>  - remote-helpers: rename tests
>  - remote-helpers: generate scripts
>  I do not particularly think the second from the bottom is a good
>  change, but it takes the remainder of the series hostage.
>  Waiting for a reroll.

Waiting for a reroll? This is the first time I hear you are not going
to merge these.

You say actions have consequences... well, you are right, you can stop
waiting for a reroll.

Felipe Contreras
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