Hi Yann,

Am 2013-06-11 19:06, schrieb Yann Droneaud:
I'm trying to setup a workflow to track vendor releases (upstream).
Each new release are provided as an archive of source code, data,
documentation, etc.

For each vendor releases, fixes need to be applied before making them
available to users (downstream).

Seems to be a rather common use case, applied by most Linux distribution
for decades.

In my case, on top of each releases, a common set of patches will be applied,
the biggest, the most intrusive one, being converting CRLF to LF using dos2unix,
the others being small portability fixes. In this case, fixes are not going to
be applied by upstream.

If you did the end-of-line conversion via .gitattributes rather than explicitly as a patch, maybe the strategy described at http://happygiraffe.net/blog/2008/02/07/vendor-branches-in-git/ is what you're looking for?

If besides the <pristine-vendor> branch you need another <patched-vendor> branch, this should be extensible, inserting another "layer" into the middle.
Copying and modifying Johannes' graph:

  U---V-----W          <-- upstream branch (pristine vendor)
   \   \     \
    C---D-----E        <-- patched vendor
     \   \     \
      K---L--M--N--O   <-- downstream branch ("master" in above linked text)

Best regards,

Dipl.-Inf. Carsten Fuchs

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