On Wed, Jun 12, 2013 at 07:44:10PM +0100, John Keeping wrote:

> When staging hunks interactively it is sometimes useful to use an
> alternative diff algorithm which splits the changes into hunks in a more
> logical manner.  This is not possible because the plumbing commands
> called by add--interactive ignore the "diff.algorithm" configuration
> option (as they should).
> Since add--interactive is a porcelain command it should respect this
> configuration variable.  To do this, make it read diff.algorithm and
> pass its value to the underlying diff-index and diff-files invocations.
> At this point, do not add options to "git add", "git reset" or "git
> checkout" (all of which can call git-add--interactive).  If a user want


> >   if (defined $diff_algorithm) {
> >           push @diff_cmd, "--diff-algorithm=$diff_algorithm";
> >   }
> OK.  The "default" is actually "the value that is equivalent to 'myers'
> for diff.algorithm" and I was originally going to add --diff-algorithm
> to the command line unconditionally.

Yeah, that might have made sense, too, but the in-between (we know that
"default" is a special token and don't pass it) does not to me.

Patch looks obviously correct to me. Thanks.

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