Matthieu Moy <> writes:

> Which commit is this based on?
> "git am" fails, whether I try from Junio's master, next or pu. My best
> try was from da608b124c76f8f7dba8a9d8f0bc8174b9744176. It seems you're
> based on a local commit which doesn't exist on Junio's end.
> Most commit in-flight are in next, so I guess rebasing the series on
> next would make it easier for Junio (we normally send patches against
> master as much as possible, see SubmittingPatches for more details).

This is why a wholesale updates like "use sq instead of dq when we
can", "always return; from a sub", etc. needs inter-developer

I agree with you that it would probably be the easiest to build this
on top of the merge bewteen master, bp/mediawiki-credential, and
your mm/mediawiki-https-fail-message topics.

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