Fredrik Gustafsson wrote:
> However I think this patch can improve the workflow for experienced
> developers. Can we tweak this in some way to get the best out of both
> worlds?

The main problem is that output-directory can be an absolute path
(like ~, in the extreme case).  I'm not sure how to trade-off safety
for speed.  My main itch is that completion doesn't work with my fp:

  alias.fp = !rm -rf outgoing && git format-patch -M -C -o outgoing

>> +             struct strbuf buf = STRBUF_INIT;
>> +
>>               if (use_stdout)
>>                       die(_("standard output, or directory, which one?"));
>> +             strbuf_addstr(&buf, output_directory);
>> +             remove_dir_recursively(&buf, 0);
> Should we have a strbuf_release here?

Yeah, my stupidity.
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