From: "Ramkumar Ramachandra" <>
Sent: Friday, June 14, 2013 5:18 PM
Philip Oakley wrote:
Is there a proper name for this style of revision specification? I've been
letting this 'style' wash over me in the hope that I'd understand
eventually, but it hasn't.

See gitrevisions(7).  None of them have any names.
... which is a shame...

Loking at git-rev-parse I now see that it might be the 'Commit Message
Regex' rev specifier.

Did you just invent that term?  I couldn't find any mentions of it.

Yep, hence the 'it might be'. Maybe I missed a word and should have written 'it might be called' ;-)

It would be useful to have some descriptive names for these unusual (uncommon) methods.
There's already the "pathspec :(glob) syntax".

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