Curt Brune <> writes:

> If the user's git config defines commit.template then include the
> contents of that file in the log buffer by default.
> In git-setup-log-buffer, instead of supplying the default commit
> message insert the user's commit.template.
> Signed-off-by: Curt Brune <>
> ---


I wonder if git-do-commit still needs to reimplement the commit
logic using low-level plumbing in this era, which I think is the
cause of having to constantly catch up with what "git commit"
Porcelain does (like paying attention to configuration variables).

I often just do

        M-x compile<ENTER>git commit args...<ENTER>

while setting my EDITOR to 'emacsclient', and I have a suspicion
that the callchain from git-commit-file to git-setup-log-buffer can
be quite simplified if such an approach is used.  Enumerate the
marked file(s) to formulate the "git commit" command line and let
the underlying "git commit" do the heavy-lifting, that is.

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