> From: Benoit Person <>
> Updates the code to make it more easy to switch mediawiki version when
> testing. Before that, the version number was partly hardcoded, partly
> in a var.

This definitely goes in a good direction; you no longer have to
touch random lines in and what you have to edit 
is very much localized.

It seems t/test.config that is tracked is also designed to be
randomly edited to suit user's needs.

The patch does not make things any worse, but I would imagine that a
better longer term structure would be for contrib/mw-to-git/Makefile
to create contrib/mw-to-git/t/test.config by replacing variables in
contrib/mw-to-git/t/test.config-template, so that the user could say

        cd contrib/mw-to-git
        make MW_VERSION_MAJOR=1.20 MW_VERSION_MINOR=0 test

or something like that.

But of course, that is a totally unrelated issue.

Will apply.  Thanks.

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