Junio C Hamano wrote:
> * rr/am-quit-empty-then-abort-fix (2013-06-14) 2 commits
>  - SQUASH???
>  - am: handle stray $dotest directory

Please pick up the latest iteration.


> * rr/triangle-push-fix (2013-06-09) 4 commits
>  - t/push-default: test pushdefault with all modes
>  - t/push-default: generalize test_push_{success, commit}
>  - push: make upstream, simple work with pushdefault
>  - t/push-default: remove redundant test_config lines
>  Tries to apply the 'push.default = upstream' semantics to
>  triangular workflow where it does not quite apply.
>  Waiting for a reroll.

Still haven't figured out a solution; will hopefully come up with
something in a few days.  Discard if necessary.

There are some other topics I posted awaiting responses.  Take some
time out to read especially the for-each-ref enhancement series that
Duy and I wrote.

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