Célestin Matte <celestin.ma...@ensimag.fr> writes:

> This uses subroutines used by the fetch-by-rev strategy. I'm not sure it's
> actually complete: can it be that simple?

The function says:

  # Get the last remote revision without taking in account which pages are
  # tracked or not. This function makes a single request to the wiki thus
  # avoid a loop onto all tracked pages. This is useful for the fetch-by-rev
  # option.
  sub get_last_global_remote_rev {

So I don't think this would work when you track only a subset of pages.
If an untracked page has been modified, then the global last revision
has increased and you'll get a non-fast forward. If you try to pull,
it'll tell you there's nothing to import.

You'd have to iterate through revisions between the one given by
get_last_global_remote_rev and the last one the local repo knows about,
and remove ones touching untracked pages from the list.

> However, I tested on a local wiki and it seemed to work perfectly.
> Should I add associate tests?

See what t/t9364-pull-by-rev.sh does. You can set pushStrategy too in
the same file (this won't test all push/pull combinations, but push and
pull should be independant enough, so testing both unset and both set
should be enough).

Not sure we have enough test for push with a subset of pages though.

Matthieu Moy
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