Ramsay Jones <ram...@ramsay1.demon.co.uk> writes:

> At present, 'git show-ref' ignores any attempt to set config
> variables (e.g. core.checkstat) from the command line using
> the -c option to git.

I think what you really want to see is not giving "-c" and have it

        "git show-ref" does not honor configuration variables at
        all, but at least core configuration variables read by
        git_default_config (most importantly core.checkstat) should
        be read and honored, because ...

would be more appropriate.  What are the variables that matter to
show-ref, and what are the reasons why they should be honored?  I
thought show-ref was just a way to enumerate refs, and does not read
the index nor checks if there are modifications in the working tree,
so I do not see any reason offhand for it to honor core.checkstat
(and I think that is the reason why we don't have the call there in
the current code).

Exactly the same comment applies to 2/2.

Note that I am _not_ opposing these changes.  You brought them up
because you saw some reason why these should honor some core
variables.  I just want that reason to be explained in the log for
the future developers.

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