Fredrik Gustafsson <> writes:

> The interesting feature would be to run C-functions direct inside lua. I
> suppose that would increase speed even more, at the same time as we have
> the convinence of a interpreted language. Lua is smaller and faster
> (well as always, it depends on what you're doing) than python and ruby.
> Perl is a really pain for the windows folks (I've heard).
> A correct implementation for lua support would be to start a
> lua-interpreter from inside git.c (or somewhere) and load the lua code
> for a specific command. That would make us independent of any target
> installation of lua (althought the git binary would increase with the
> lua library around 300 kb).
> However I did a quick test using lua as a replacement for sh (without
> direct calls to c-functions) and the result is impressive. (However this
> is the wrong way of using lua, shell scripting is not something lua is
> good at).

Ok, so as you say, to really buy us anything you'd have to interface lua
with the C code directly.  Otherwise you might as well write it in Perl
instead which is already a requirement for a lot of the "niceties".

However, instead of writing against git's C code, you could also
interface with libgit2, either from Lua or Perl...

BTW Peff once posted an interface to Lua for the --pretty formatters:

Thomas Rast
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