I have a question about GIT remote repos. Here is my scenario.

1. Work client has a repo (origin, branch of master).
2. Due to contractual issues I need to host a remote copy of this repo that my 
developers can utilize while we get the contractual issues resolved as 
development must continue. 
3. I have a virtual machine from the client which already has a remote of 
origin setup. 
4. I have created a bare repo on a server my developer's have access to. 
5. I have added that remote to my copy of the client VM local repo and pushed 
its contents to my newly created bare repo.

What I need to understand is how to
a) Connect my developer's VM local repos to the new remote repo I created so 
they can continue to work.
b) Once the contractual issues are resolved reconnect the developer's local 
repos back to the original orgin/master repo and merge all their changes.

I'm fairly new to GIT but have worked with version control for a long time 
(CVS, PVCS, Subversion etc).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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