On Tue, 18 Jun 2013, LCD 47 wrote:

   Cloning with the git protocol works as expected.

A search on the net shows people having the same problem more than an year ago, and the solution there seems to imply that Git can't cope with async DNS in curl:


   Any idea?

It's not a git problem really. When you build libcurl to use c-ares for asynch name resolving you unfortunately don't get a really feature complete replacement for all stuff the stock synch resolver can do and I believe you (and person from that link from last year) experience that.

The solution for you is to:

a) rebuild libcurl with another resolving backend (there's a synch and threaded asynch one to choose from)


b) fix c-ares to work "properly" in this scenario as well


 / daniel.haxx.se
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