On Sat, Jun 15, 2013 at 04:01:04PM +0200, Mark Abraham wrote:

> Controlled by new configuration option
> "color.word-diff-in-interactive-add". There is no existing support for
> "git add" to pass a command-line option like "--word-diff=color" to
> git-add--interactive.perl, so a configuration option is the only
> lightweight solution.
> With this feature, the added or deleted form of a hunk can be empty,
> so made some necessary checks for $_ being defined.

Hmm. We can't apply a word-diff, so presumably your "permit" here is
just for the display, replacing the colorized bits. And that looks like
what your patch does.

Note that the number of lines in your --word-diff=color hunk and the
actual diff will not necessarily be the same.  What happens if I split a
hunk with your patch?

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