> From: Jorge Juan Garcia Garcia <>
> Make it so that we can use a list of email in flags
> instead of having to use one flag per email address.
> The format of email list handled is pretty basic for now:
>       $ git send-email --to='Foo <>,'
> We thought it would be nice to have a "first-step" version which works
> before handling more complex ones such as:
>       $ git send-email --to='Foo, Bar <>'


        git send-email --to='Foo <>' --to=''

work?  If it does, I do not see much point of this change.  If you
are starting from two pieces of information, why combine it into
one, only have the program to split it again, risking to be bitten
by bugs, and changing the code to do so, risking to add new bugs?

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