SZEDER Gábor <> writes:

> This patch series eliminates many command substitutions and commands
> in __git_ps1() from top to bottom by replacing them with bash builtins
> or consolidating them.  A few timing results are shown in the log
> message of patch 10.

Nice.  I think I saw Peff's comment and discussion between you two
already resuted in a fixup, so perhaps I'll see a reroll sometime
later when the dust settles?

Also, could you help review the other topic by Eduardo R. D'Avila
about colored prompt (Sion Oosthoek, who did the color support,

The impression I got when the PROMPT_COMMAND series was discussed
last October was that you need to use \[...\] pairs to get the
cursor position right for the purpose of command line editing, and
D'Avila's series seemed to only do so in PROMPT_COMMAND mode.

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