Martin Fick <> writes:

> ... So, what 
> if we could simply add a dummy object to the file to cause 
> it to deserve a name change?
> So the idea would be, have git-repack detect the conflict in 
> filenames and have it repack the new file with an additional 
> dummy (unused) object in it, and then deliver the new file 
> which no longer conflicts.  Would this be possible?

Sounds like a fun exercise.  I do not think it breaks anything, and
because we have the list of objects to be placed in the resulting
pack fairly early in the process, this sequence would be possible:

    (1) enumerate the objects;
    (2) compute the resulting packname;
    (3) notice it is the same as an existing one;
    (4) add another dummy object and go back to (2);
    (5) do the heavy-lifting of delitify;
    (6) write out the resulting pack.

inside pack-objects.

I do not know if the loop between (2) and (4) is the only necessary
thing to completely avoid the race you are worrying about, though.

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