Matthieu Moy <> writes:

> Alexander Nestorov <> writes:
>> Ok, this is how it looks. If everything is ok, I'm sending it to the ML
> Please, read Documentation/SubmittingPatches (you lack a sign-off and if
> you think the patch is ready, you should Cc Junio). Also, it's better to
> have the commit headers directly as mail headers (git send-email is your
> friend).
>> +Reset only files who's content changed (instead of stat information)::
> That's still not 100% accurate. Actual mode changes would trigger a
> rewrite of the file. Perhaps stg like
> Reset only files which actually changed (not those with only stat information 
> change)::
> (Sorry for nitpicking so much)

I do not think the above clarifies anything to be of much help.

If you _know_ what "actually changed" means, i.e. either contents or
the executable-ness changed, then "(not those ...)" does not help
you at all.

If you don't, then "only stat information change" will invite "I did
chmod -x and the file does not have any actual change." confusion.

If this addition is to help people who do not know what "actually
changed" means, that part needs to be clarified, no?

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