This serie has a conflict with cm/remote-mediawiki. We probably want to
wait for other mediawiki patch series to hit master (they are all marked
as "will merge to master" in Junio's last "what's cooking) before
merging this one. writes:

> From: Benoit Person <>
> Currently, the mw-to-git project contains only a remote helper
> (git-remote-mediawiki.perl). To inmprove the user experience while working


> A perl package offer the best way to handle such case:


> An alternate solution is to concatenate a "toolset" file with each *.perl
> when 'make'-ing the project. In that scheme, everything is imported in the
> script's namespace. Plus, files should be renamed in order to chain to Git's
> toplevel makefile.

Perhaps say explicitely "hence this solution is not acceptable" or so.

Matthieu Moy
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