Francis Moreau wrote:
> Basically I have an initial set (or can be several different sets)
> expressed as a revision specification described by git-rev-list man
> page. I just want to find the common set of commit which are part of
> the initial sets *and* is reachable by master.

That's just a generic list intersection between

  [a, b, c] and [d, e, f]

no?  [a, b, c] is a list you built up somehow, and [d, e, f] comes
from $(git rev-list master), right?

You could go about determining the revision walk boundaries and
combine them to set up a revision walk to splice the master line, but
what is the point of that?  You'll only be painting yourself into a
design-corner (you won't be able to do other kinds of filtering), and
going around your head to touch your nose.  You precisely want list
intersection: so write an efficient list intersection in the language
of your choice.  Why is it a poor man's solution?  If anything, your
convoluted rev-list solution will probably be more complicated,
slower, and bug-ridden.
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