Richard Hansen <> writes:

> Barfing on non-tags is the feature this adds.  It's otherwise useless,
> just like <object>^{object} is useless except to barf when <object>
> doesn't exist.


I could buy that.  And after re-reading the proposed log message,
you do not quite have anything to say that.  Instead, you have this:

    Note that <rev>^{tag} is not the same as <rev>^{object} when <rev> is
    not a tag:

        $ git rev-parse --verify v1.8.3.1^{}^{object}
        $ git rev-parse --verify v1.8.3.1^{}^{tag}
        error: v1.8.3.1^{}^{tag}: expected tag type, but the object deref...
        fatal: Needed a single revision

The latter peels v1.8.3.1 to a non-tag (i.e. a commit) and then asks
to peel that commit to a tag, which will of course fail, but that is
not a good example.  

Perhaps something like this instead.

    Note that <rev>^{tag} can be used to make sure <rev> names a tag:

        $ git rev-parse --verify v1.8.3.1^{tag}
        $ git rev-parse --verify master^{tag}

    The former succeeds, while the latter fails.
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