Here are the topics that have been cooking.  Commits prefixed with
'-' are only in 'pu' (proposed updates) while commits prefixed with
'+' are in 'next'.

Among what's new in 'master' and 'next' are many code and
documentation clean-ups.

I am wondering if it may be better for the project for me to start
taking over some stalled topics, fixing things up myself, in order
to move things forward, instead of wasting time waiting for rerolls.
I would prefer not having to do so and let the contributors tie
their own loose ends themselves, though.

You can find the changes described here in the integration branches
of the repositories listed at

[Graduated to "master"]

* cm/remote-mediawiki (2013-06-11) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-15 at bdce58e)
 + git-remote-mediawiki: display message when launched directly

* fc/makefile (2013-06-09) 4 commits
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-14 at 75b5f6b)
 + Makefile: use $^ to avoid listing prerequisites on the command line
 + build: do not install git-remote-testgit
 + build: generate and clean test scripts
 + Merge branch 'js/transport-helper-error-reporting-fix' into fc/makefile

 Makefile simplification.

* fc/show-non-empty-errors-in-test (2013-06-09) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-14 at 99b6b54)
 + test: test_must_be_empty helper

* js/test-ln-s-add (2013-06-07) 10 commits
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-14 at 9f58cb1)
 + t4011: remove SYMLINKS prerequisite
 + t6035: use test_ln_s_add to remove SYMLINKS prerequisite
 + t3509, t4023, t4114: use test_ln_s_add to remove SYMLINKS prerequisite
 + t3100: use test_ln_s_add to remove SYMLINKS prerequisite
 + t3030: use test_ln_s_add to remove SYMLINKS prerequisite
 + t0000: use test_ln_s_add to remove SYMLINKS prerequisite
 + tests: use test_ln_s_add to remove SYMLINKS prerequisite (trivial cases)
 + tests: introduce test_ln_s_add
 + t3010: modernize style
 + test-chmtime: Fix exit code on Windows

 Many tests that check the behaviour of symbolic links stored in the
 index or the tree objects do not have to be skipped on a filesystem
 that lack symbolic link support.

* mm/color-auto-default (2013-06-10) 2 commits
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-14 at 0647576)
 + make color.ui default to 'auto'
 + config: refactor management of color.ui's default value

 Flip the default for color.ui to 'auto', which is what many
 tutorials recommend new users to do.

* nd/make-wildmatch-default (2013-06-02) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-14 at cf21faa)
 + Makefile: promote wildmatch to be the default fnmatch implementation

 Uses of the platform fnmatch(3) function (many places in the code,
 matching pathspec, .gitignore and .gitattributes to name a few)
 have been replaced with wildmatch, allowing "foo/**/bar" that would
 match foo/bar, foo/a/bar, foo/a/b/bar, etc.

* nd/traces (2013-06-09) 2 commits
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-14 at ce0d897)
 + git.txt: document GIT_TRACE_PACKET
 + core: use env variable instead of config var to turn on logging pack access

* rs/discard-index-discard-array (2013-06-09) 2 commits
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-14 at 778ea9b)
 + read-cache: free cache in discard_index
 + read-cache: add simple performance test

 Call to discard_cache/discard_index (used when we use different
 contents of the index in-core, in many operations like commit,
 apply, and merge) used to leak memory that held the array of index
 entries, which has been plugged.

* rs/logical-vs-binary-or (2013-06-13) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-14 at 2821441)
 + use logical OR (||) instead of binary OR (|) in logical context

 Code cleanup.

* rs/match-trees-refactor (2013-06-13) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-14 at 1904928)
 + match-trees: factor out fill_tree_desc_strict

 Code cleanup.

[New Topics]

* as/log-output-encoding-in-user-format (2013-06-20) 3 commits
 - t4205 (log-pretty-formats): don't hardcode SHA-1 in expected outputs
 - t7102 (reset): don't hardcode SHA-1 in expected outputs
 - t6006 (rev-list-format): don't hardcode SHA-1 in expected outputs

 "log --format=" did not honor i18n.logoutputencoding configuration
 and this is a beginning of the series that attempts to fix it.

 Waiting for a reroll.

* bc/http-keep-memory-given-to-curl (2013-06-19) 1 commit
 - http.c: don't rewrite the user:passwd string multiple times

 Older cURL wanted piece of memory we call it with to be stable, but
 we updated the auth material after handing it to a call.

 Will merge to 'next'.

* jc/reflog-doc (2013-06-19) 1 commit
 - setup_reflog_action: document the rules for using GIT_REFLOG_ACTION

 Document rules to use GIT_REFLOG_ACTION variable in the scripted
 Porcelain.  git-rebase--interactive locally violates this, but it
 is a leaf user that does not call out to or dot-sources other
 scripts, so fixing it is not all that urgent.

* jk/pull-into-dirty-unborn (2013-06-20) 2 commits
 - pull: merge into unborn by fast-forwarding from empty tree
 - pull: update unborn branch tip after index

 "git pull" into nothing trashed "local changes" that were in the
 index, and this avoids it.

 Will merge to 'next'.

* mh/ref-races-optim-invalidate-cached (2013-06-20) 1 commit
 - refs: do not invalidate the packed-refs cache unnecessarily
 (this branch uses mh/ref-races.)


* rr/cherry-pick-fast-forward-reflog-message (2013-06-19) 1 commit
 - sequencer: write useful reflog message for fast-forward

 The reflog message created when "git cherry-pick" fast-forwarded
 did not say anything but "cherry-pick", but it now says
 "cherry-pick: fast-forward".

 Will merge to 'next'.

* vl/typofix (2013-06-19) 1 commit
 - random typofixes (committed missing a 't', successful missing an 's')

 Will merge to 'next'.

* wk/doc-git-has-grown (2013-06-19) 1 commit
 - user-manual: Update download size for Git and the kernel

 Will merge to 'next'.


* fc/contrib-related (2013-06-09) 5 commits
 - contrib: related: print the amount of involvement
 - contrib: related: parse committish like format-patch
 - contrib: related: add option to parse from committish
 - contrib: related: add support for multiple patches
 - Add new git-related helper to contrib

 Will discard.

* hv/config-from-blob (2013-05-12) 5 commits
 - do not die when error in config parsing of buf occurs
 - teach config --blob option to parse config from database
 - config: make parsing stack struct independent from actual data source
 - config: drop cf validity check in get_next_char()
 - config: factor out config file stack management

 Waiting for a reroll.

* rr/triangle-push-fix (2013-06-20) 9 commits
 - push: honor branch.*.push
 - SQUASH??? fix git-config push.default description
 - SQUASH??? minimum "simple" safety fix-up
 - t/t5528-push-default: test pushdefault workflows
 - t/t5528-push-default: generalize test_push_*
 - push: remove dead code in setup_push_upstream()
 - push: change `simple` to accommodate triangular workflows
 - config doc: rewrite push.default section
 - t/t5528-push-default: remove redundant test_config lines

 Earlier remote.pushdefault (and per-branch branch.*.pushremote)
 were introduced as an additional mechanism to choose what
 repository to push into when "git push" did not say it from the
 command line, to help people who push to a repository that is
 different from where they fetch from.  This attempts to finish that
 topic by teaching the default mechanism to choose branch in the
 remote repository to be updated by such a push.

 The 'current', 'matching' and 'nothing' modes (specified by the
 push.default configuration variable) extend to such a "triangular"
 workflow naturally, but 'upstream' and 'simple' have to be updated.

 . 'upstream' is about pushing back to update the branch in the
 remote repository that the current branch fetches from and
 integrates with, it errors out in a triangular workflow.

 . 'simple' is meant to help new people by avoiding mistakes, and
 will be the safe default in Git 2.0.  In a non-triangular
 workflow, it will continue to act as a cross between 'upstream'
 and 'current' in that it pushes to the current branch's
 @{upstream} only when it is set to the same name as the current
 branch (e.g. your 'master' forks from the 'master' from the
 central repository).  In a triangular workflow, this series
 tentatively defines it as the same as 'current', but we may have
 to tighten it to avoid surprises in some way.

* jh/shorten-refname (2013-05-07) 4 commits
 - t1514: refname shortening is done after dereferencing symbolic refs
 - shorten_unambiguous_ref(): Fix shortening refs/remotes/origin/HEAD to origin
 - t1514: Demonstrate failure to correctly shorten "refs/remotes/origin/HEAD"
 - t1514: Add tests of shortening refnames in strict/loose mode

 When remotes/origin/HEAD is not a symbolic ref, "rev-parse
 --abbrev-ref remotes/origin/HEAD" ought to show "origin", not
 "origin/HEAD", which is fixed with this series (if it is a symbolic
 ref that points at remotes/origin/something, then it should show
 "origin/something" and it already does).

 Expecting a reroll, as an early part of a larger series.

* jl/submodule-mv (2013-04-23) 5 commits
 - submodule.c: duplicate real_path's return value
 - rm: delete .gitmodules entry of submodules removed from the work tree
 - Teach mv to update the path entry in .gitmodules for moved submodules
 - Teach mv to move submodules using a gitfile
 - Teach mv to move submodules together with their work trees

 "git mv A B" when moving a submodule A does "the right thing",
 inclusing relocating its working tree and adjusting the paths in
 the .gitmodules file.

 Waiting for a reroll.

* jk/list-objects-sans-blobs (2013-06-06) 4 commits
 . archive: ignore blob objects when checking reachability
 . list-objects: optimize "revs->blob_objects = 0" case
 . upload-archive: restrict remote objects with reachability check
 . clear parsed flag when we free tree buffers

 Attempt to allow "archive --remote=$there $arbitrary_sha1" while
 keeping the reachability safety.

 Seems to break some tests in a trivial and obvious way.

* mg/more-textconv (2013-05-10) 7 commits
 - grep: honor --textconv for the case rev:path
 - grep: allow to use textconv filters
 - t7008: demonstrate behavior of grep with textconv
 - cat-file: do not die on --textconv without textconv filters
 - show: honor --textconv for blobs
 - diff_opt: track whether flags have been set explicitly
 - t4030: demonstrate behavior of show with textconv

 Make "git grep" and "git show" pay attention to --textconv when
 dealing with blob objects.

 I thought this was pretty well designed and executed, but it seems
 there are some doubts on the list; kicked back to 'pu'.

* mh/multimail (2013-04-21) 1 commit
 - git-multimail: a replacement for post-receive-email

 Waiting for the initial history to pull from.

* jc/format-patch (2013-04-22) 2 commits
 - format-patch: --inline-single
 - format-patch: rename "no_inline" field

 A new option to send a single patch to the standard output to be
 appended at the bottom of a message.  I personally have no need for
 this, but it was easy enough to cobble together.  Tests, docs and
 stripping out more MIMEy stuff are left as exercises to interested

 Not ready for inclusion.

 Will discard unless we hear from anybody who is interested in
 tying its loose ends.

* jk/gitweb-utf8 (2013-04-08) 4 commits
 - gitweb: Fix broken blob action parameters on blob/commitdiff pages
 - gitweb: Don't append ';js=(0|1)' to external links
 - gitweb: Make feed title valid utf8
 - gitweb: Fix utf8 encoding for blob_plain, blobdiff_plain, commitdiff_plain, 
and patch

 Various fixes to gitweb.

 Drew Northup volunteered to take a look into this.

* jc/show-branch (2013-06-07) 5 commits
 - show-branch: use commit slab to represent bitflags of arbitrary width
 - show-branch.c: remove "all_mask"
 - show-branch.c: abstract out "flags" operation
 - show-branch.c: lift all_mask/all_revs to a global static
 - show-branch.c: update comment style
 (this branch uses jk/commit-info-slab; is tangled with 

 Waiting for the final step to lift the hard-limit before sending it out.


* rr/rebase-checkout-reflog (2013-06-17) 8 commits
 - SQUASH???
 - rebase -i: use a better reflog message
 - rebase: use a better reflog message
 - checkout: respect GIT_REFLOG_ACTION
 - status: do not depend on rebase reflog messages
 - t/t2021-checkout-last: "checkout -" should work after a rebase finishes
 - wt-status: remove unused field in grab_1st_switch_cbdata
 - t7512: test "detached from" as well

 Invocations of "git checkout" used internally by "git rebase" were
 counted as "checkout", and affected later "git checkout -" to the
 the user to an unexpected place.

 Waiting for a reroll.

* rr/rebase-stash-store (2013-06-17) 5 commits
 - rebase: use 'git stash store' to simplify logic
 - stash: introduce 'git stash store'
 - stash: simplify option parser for create
 - stash doc: document short form -p in synopsis
 - stash doc: add a warning about using create

 Finishing touches for the "git rebase --autostash" feature
 introduced earlier.

 Will merge to 'next'.

* rs/unpack-trees-tree-walk-conflict-field (2013-06-17) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-20 at 0afbf0b)
 + unpack-trees: don't shift conflicts left and right

 Code clean-up.

 Will merge to 'master'.

* dk/maint-t5150-dirname (2013-06-17) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-20 at 7441301)
 + tests: allow sha1's as part of the path

 Fix a test script.

 Will merge to 'master'.

* dk/version-gen-gitdir (2013-06-17) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-20 at c9c687e)
 + GIT-VERSION-GEN: support non-standard $GIT_DIR path

 Allow packaging a tarball in a working tree with $GIT_DIR set elsewhere.

 Will merge to 'master'.

* fg/submodule-fixup (2013-06-17) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-20 at 64d74b4)
 + remove duplicate call to set_rev_name

 Code cleanup.

 Will merge to 'master'.

* jk/doc-build-move-infordir-def (2013-06-17) 2 commits
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-20 at 81e56a8)
 + Documentation/Makefile: move infodir to be with other '*dir's
 + Documentation/Makefile: fix spaces around assignments

 Makefile cleanup.

 Will merge to 'master'.

* jk/mergetool-lib-refactor (2013-06-17) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-20 at 7ce98c0)
 + mergetool--lib: refactor {diff,merge}_cmd logic

 Code cleanup.

 Will merge to 'master'.

* mm/push-force-is-dangerous (2013-06-18) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-20 at a6a8913)
 + Documentation/git-push.txt: explain better cases where --force is dangerous

 Will merge to 'master'.

* nk/config-local-doc (2013-06-17) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-20 at 3568ebe)
 + config: Add description of --local option

 Will merge to 'master'.

* rj/read-default-config-in-show-ref-pack-refs (2013-06-17) 3 commits
 - ### DONTMERGE: needs better explanation on what config they need
 - pack-refs.c: Add missing call to git_config()
 - show-ref.c: Add missing call to git_config()

 The changes themselves are probably good, but it is unclear what
 basic setting needs to be read for which exact operation.

 Waiting for clarification.

* rt/cherry-pick-continue-advice-in-status (2013-06-17) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-20 at ec8a930)
 + wt-status: give better advice when cherry-pick is in progress

 Will merge to 'master'.

* bc/checkout-tracking-name-plug-leak (2013-06-18) 2 commits
 - t/t9802: explicitly name the upstream branch to use as a base
 - builtin/checkout.c: don't leak memory in check_tracking_name

 Will merge to 'next'.

* kb/diff-blob-blob-doc (2013-06-18) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-20 at 34e896a)
 + Documentation: Move "git diff <blob> <blob>"

 Will merge to 'master'.

* mm/merge-in-dirty-worktree-doc (2013-06-18) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-20 at 21b3267)
 + Documentation/git-merge.txt: weaken warning about uncommited changes

 Will merge to 'master'.

* mt/send-email-cc-match-fix (2013-06-20) 2 commits
 - send-email: sanitize author when writing From line
 - send-email: add test for duplicate utf8 name

 Will merge to 'next'.

* nk/name-rev-abbreviated-refs (2013-06-18) 1 commit
 - name-rev: allow to specify a subpath for --refs option

 Will merge to 'next'.

* ph/builtin-srcs-are-in-subdir-these-days (2013-06-18) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-20 at 7507a48)
 + fix "builtin-*" references to be "builtin/*"

 Will merge to 'master'.

* jk/submodule-subdirectory-ok (2013-06-17) 6 commits
 - submodule: drop the top-level requirement
 - rev-parse: add --prefix option
 - submodule: show full path in error message
 - t7403: add missing && chaining
 - t7403: modernize style
 - t7401: make indentation consistent

 Allow various subcommands of "git submodule" to be run not from the
 top of the working tree of the superproject.

 Will merge to 'next'.

* rr/prompt-rebase-breakage-fix (2013-06-14) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-17 at 02957d8)
 + prompt: squelch error output from cat

 Will merge to 'master'.

* jh/libify-note-handling (2013-06-12) 3 commits
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-20 at 7dac8b6)
 + Move create_notes_commit() from notes-merge.c into notes-utils.c
 + Move copy_note_for_rewrite + friends from builtin/notes.c to notes-utils.c
 + finish_copy_notes_for_rewrite(): Let caller provide commit message

 Make it possible to call into copy-notes API from the sequencer code.

 Will merge to 'master'.

* jk/add-i-custom-diff-algo (2013-06-12) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-17 at 48d5d4e)
 + add--interactive: respect diff.algorithm

 Will merge to 'master'.

* mh/ref-races (2013-06-20) 11 commits
 - for_each_ref: load all loose refs before packed refs
 - get_packed_ref_cache: reload packed-refs file when it changes
 - add a stat_validity struct
 - Extract a struct stat_data from cache_entry
 - packed_ref_cache: increment refcount when locked
 - do_for_each_entry(): increment the packed refs cache refcount
 - refs: manage lifetime of packed refs cache via reference counting
 - refs: implement simple transactions for the packed-refs file
 - refs: wrap the packed refs cache in a level of indirection
 - pack_refs(): split creation of packed refs and entry writing
 - repack_without_ref(): split list curation and entry writing
 (this branch is used by mh/ref-races-optim-invalidate-cached.)

 Will merge to 'next'.

* mm/rm-coalesce-errors (2013-06-12) 2 commits
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-20 at c70340c)
 + rm: introduce advice.rmHints to shorten messages
 + rm: better error message on failure for multiple files

 Give a single message followed by list of paths from "git rm" to
 report multiple paths that cannot be removed.

 Will merge to 'master'.

* rr/am-quit-empty-then-abort-fix (2013-06-17) 2 commits
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-20 at f9feae3)
 + t/am: use test_path_is_missing() where appropriate
 + am: handle stray $dotest directory

 Recent "rebase --autostash" update made it impossible to recover
 with "git am --abort" from a repository where "git am" without mbox
 was run by mistake and then was killed with "^C".

 Will merge to 'master'.

* fg/submodule-non-ascii-path (2013-06-20) 2 commits
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-20 at 122c0b2)
 + t7400: test of UTF-8 submodule names pass under Mac OS
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-17 at a0b9fa3)
 + handle multibyte characters in name

 Many "git submodule" operations do not work on a submodule at a
 path whose name is not in ASCII.

 Will merge to 'master'.

* rr/rebase-autostash (2013-06-13) 3 commits
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-17 at e692317)
 + rebase: finish_rebase() in noop rebase
 + rebase: finish_rebase() in fast-forward rebase
 + rebase: guard against missing files in read_basic_state()

 Will merge to 'master'.

* bp/remote-mw-tests (2013-06-14) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-17 at 2891373)
 + git-remote-mediawiki: remove hardcoded version number in the test suite

 Will merge to 'master'.

* cm/remote-mediawiki-perlcritique (2013-06-14) 31 commits
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-17 at a41a924)
 + git-remote-mediawiki: make error message more precise
 + git-remote-mediawiki: add a perlcritic rule in Makefile
 + git-remote-mediawiki: add a .perlcriticrc file
 + git-remote-mediawiki: clearly rewrite double dereference
 + git-remote-mediawiki: fix a typo ("mediwiki" instead of "mediawiki")
 + git-remote-mediawiki: put non-trivial numeric values in constants.
 + git-remote-mediawiki: don't use quotes for empty strings
 + git-remote-mediawiki: replace "unless" statements with negated "if" 
 + git-remote-mediawiki: brace file handles for print for more clarity
 + git-remote-mediawiki: modify strings for a better coding-style
 + git-remote-mediawiki: put long code into a subroutine
 + git-remote-mediawiki: remove import of unused open2
 + git-remote-mediawiki: check return value of open
 + git-remote-mediawiki: assign a variable as undef and make proper indentation
 + git-remote-mediawiki: rename a variable ($last) which has the name of a 
 + git-remote-mediawiki: remove unused variable $entry
 + git-remote-mediawiki: turn double-negated expressions into simple expressions
 + git-remote-mediawiki: change the name of a variable
 + git-remote-mediawiki: add newline in the end of die() error messages
 + git-remote-mediawiki: change style in a regexp
 + git-remote-mediawiki: change style in a regexp
 + git-remote-mediawiki: change separator of some regexps
 + git-remote-mediawiki: change the behaviour of a split
 + git-remote-mediawiki: remove useless regexp modifier (m)
 + git-remote-mediawiki: rewrite unclear line of instructions
 + git-remote-mediawiki: change syntax of map calls
 + git-remote-mediawiki: move a variable declaration at the top of the code
 + git-remote-mediawiki: always end a subroutine with a return
 + git-remote-mediawiki: replace :utf8 by :encoding(UTF-8)
 + git-remote-mediawiki: move "use warnings;" before any instruction
 + git-remote-mediawiki: make a regexp clearer

 Will merge to 'master'.

* jk/apache-test-for-2.4 (2013-06-14) 4 commits
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-17 at 290e72e)
 + t/lib-httpd/apache.conf: configure an MPM module for apache 2.4
 + t/lib-httpd/apache.conf: load compat access module in apache 2.4
 + t/lib-httpd/apache.conf: load extra auth modules in apache 2.4
 + t/lib-httpd/apache.conf: do not use LockFile in apache >= 2.4

 Will merge to 'master'.

* rr/rebase-sha1-by-string-query (2013-06-14) 3 commits
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-20 at d0742fe)
 + rebase: use peel_committish() where appropriate
 + sh-setup: add new peel_committish() helper
 + t/rebase: add failing tests for a peculiar revision

 Allow various commit objects to be given to "git rebase" by ':/look
 for this string' syntax, e.g. "git rebase --onto ':/there'".

 Will merge to 'master'.

* jk/unpack-entry-fallback-to-another (2013-06-14) 2 commits
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-17 at 89e0eab)
 + unpack_entry: do not die when we fail to apply a delta
 + t5303: drop "count=1" from corruption dd

 Will merge to 'master'.

* jc/topo-author-date-sort (2013-06-11) 4 commits
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-15 at ad4fb48)
 + log: --author-date-order
 + sort-in-topological-order: use prio-queue
 + prio-queue: priority queue of pointers to structs
 + toposort: rename "lifo" field
 (this branch uses jk/commit-info-slab; is tangled with jc/show-branch.)

 "git log" learned the "--author-date-order" option, with which the
 output is topologically sorted and commits in parallel histories
 are shown intermixed together based on the author timestamp.

 Needs a test or two.

* jg/status-config (2013-06-15) 2 commits
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-15 at 2bc6547)
 + status: introduce status.branch to enable --branch by default
 + status: introduce status.short to enable --short by default

 Will merge to 'master'.

* mh/loose-refs-race-with-pack-ref (2013-06-19) 3 commits
 - resolve_ref_unsafe(): close race condition reading loose refs
 - resolve_ref_unsafe(): handle the case of an SHA-1 within loop
 - resolve_ref_unsafe(): extract function handle_missing_loose_ref()

 Will merge to 'next'.

* jk/commit-info-slab (2013-06-07) 3 commits
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-15 at 908ab93)
 + commit-slab: introduce a macro to define a slab for new type
 + commit-slab: avoid large realloc
 + commit: allow associating auxiliary info on-demand
 (this branch is used by jc/show-branch and jc/topo-author-date-sort.)

 Allow adding custom information to commit objects in order to
 represent unbound number of flag bits etc.

 Will merge to 'master'.

* fc/sequencer-plug-leak (2013-06-06) 2 commits
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-20 at 3c94075)
 + sequencer: avoid leaking message buffer when refusing to create an empty 
 + sequencer: remove useless indentation

 Plug a small leak in an error codepath.

 Will merge to 'master'.

* mz/rebase-tests (2013-06-18) 8 commits
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-18 at 12cfec8)
 + rebase topology tests: fix commit names on case-insensitive file systems
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-14 at 73f3318)
 + tests: move test for rebase messages from t3400 to t3406
 + t3406: modernize style
 + add tests for rebasing merged history
 + add tests for rebasing root
 + add tests for rebasing of empty commits
 + add tests for rebasing with patch-equivalence present
 + add simple tests of consistency across rebase types

 Will merge to 'master'.

* ap/diff-ignore-blank-lines (2013-06-19) 1 commit
 - diff: add --ignore-blank-lines option

 "git diff" learned a mode that ignores hunks whose change consists
 only of additions and removals of blank lines, which is the same as
 "diff -B" (ignore blank lines) of GNU diff.

 Will merge to 'next'.

* jx/clean-interactive (2013-06-03) 15 commits
 - test: add t7301 for git-clean--interactive
 - git-clean: add documentation for interactive git-clean
 - git-clean: add ask each interactive action
 - git-clean: add select by numbers interactive action
 - git-clean: add filter by pattern interactive action
 - git-clean: use a git-add-interactive compatible UI
 - git-clean: add colors to interactive git-clean
 - git-clean: show items of del_list in columns
 - git-clean: add support for -i/--interactive
 - git-clean: refactor git-clean into two phases
 - Refactor write_name_quoted_relative, remove unused params
 - Refactor quote_path_relative, remove unused params
 - quote.c: remove path_relative, use relative_path instead
 - path.c: refactor relative_path(), not only strip prefix
 - test: add test cases for relative_path

 Waiting for a reroll.

* tr/test-v-and-v-subtest-only (2013-06-18) 8 commits
 - test-lib: support running tests under valgrind in parallel
 - test-lib: allow prefixing a custom string before "ok N" etc.
 - test-lib: valgrind for only tests matching a pattern
 - test-lib: verbose mode for only tests matching a pattern
 - test-lib: self-test that --verbose works
 - test-lib: rearrange start/end of test_expect_* and test_skip
 - test-lib: refactor $GIT_SKIP_TESTS matching
 - test-lib: enable MALLOC_* for the actual tests

 Allows N instances of tests run in parallel, each running 1/N parts
 of the test suite under Valgrind, to speed things up.

 The tip two may be useful in practice but is a tad ugly ;-)

 Will merge to 'next'.

* jn/add-2.0-u-A-sans-pathspec (2013-04-26) 1 commit
 - git add: -u/-A now affects the entire working tree

 Will cook in 'next' until Git 2.0.

* jc/core-checkstat-2.0 (2013-05-06) 1 commit
 - core.statinfo: remove as promised in Git 2.0

 Will cook in 'next' until Git 2.0.

* jc/push-2.0-default-to-simple (2013-06-18) 1 commit
 - push: switch default from "matching" to "simple"

 Will cook in 'next' until Git 2.0.

* jc/add-2.0-ignore-removal (2013-04-22) 1 commit
 - git add <pathspec>... defaults to "-A"

 Updated endgame for "git add <pathspec>" that defaults to "--all"
 aka "--no-ignore-removal".

 Will cook in 'next' until Git 2.0.


* rr/complete-difftool (2013-06-09) 3 commits
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-09 at 2ee40cb)
 + Revert 77c1305 and 3c3b46b
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-07 at 90e5f58)
 + completion: add deprecated __git_complete_file ()
  (merged to 'next' on 2013-06-04 at 01c7611)
 + completion: clarify ls-tree, archive, show completion

 Update command line completion (in contrib/) to use a better named
 completion helper function for commands that take revisions and

 Reverted, to be replaced with rr/complete-difftool-fixup.

* fc/remote-helpers-use-specified-python (2013-05-28) 4 commits
 - remote-helpers: add exec-path links
 - remote-helpers: allow direct test execution
 - remote-helpers: rename tests
 - remote-helpers: generate scripts


* jk/packed-refs-race (2013-05-06) 4 commits
 . for_each_ref: load all loose refs before packed refs
 . get_packed_refs: reload packed-refs file when it changes
 . add a stat_validity struct
 . resolve_ref: close race condition for packed refs

 Superseded by mh/ref-races topic, I think.
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