Jeff King wrote:
> So I'm not sure if there is a better option than reverting 81d340d4 and
> living with the lesser of two evils (no good message when the helper
> dies silently).

I dug around, but I still can't justify that there is no better
option.  Could you write a commit message for this?

-- 8< --
diff --git a/transport-helper.c b/transport-helper.c
index 06c08a1..db9bd18 100644
--- a/transport-helper.c
+++ b/transport-helper.c
@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ static int recvline_fh(FILE *helper, struct strbuf
        if (strbuf_getline(buffer, helper, '\n') == EOF) {
                if (debug)
                        fprintf(stderr, "Debug: Remote helper quit.\n");
-               die("Reading from helper 'git-remote-%s' failed", name);
+               exit(128);

        if (debug)
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