Junio C Hamano wrote:
> So from my point of view, a proposal to remove them has an almost no
> benefit vs potentially very high cost of having to break many people
> who are silently happily using them; not a very good benefit/cost
> ratio.

Yep, it should stay around because it's useful to some people and harms nobody.

> I say "minor" only because I think the cost of keeping these old
> mechanisms alive is very low (if it is a heavy burden on the
> maintenance, please tell me and how).

Yeah, the point of this series is to reduce that maintenance burden.
After it is applied, there will be exactly two functions (each with
one caller) that are tested fully by precisely three tests in
t/remote; and exactly one piece of documentation will refer to
branches-file/remotes-file, namely urls-remotes.txt.
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