Since I didn't explain the series properly last time: this series
reduces the burden of the branches-file/remotes-file cruft.  It does
not argue for deprecation, because it is still useful to some people
and harms nobody.  It removes dead code, tests the feature properly,
and doesn't mention it in obscure places.

In this iteration, [1/14] does a file-wide style cleanup (wasn't as
painful as I thought).  Also, one s/git config/test_config/ patch has
been dropped because it adds no value.  This time, I actually ran all
the tests to make sure that I made no silly mistakes (there were quite
a few last time).

Thanks to Junio and Eric Sunshine for reviews.

Ramkumar Ramachandra (14):
  t/t5505-remote: modernize style
  t/t5505-remote: test push-refspec in branches-file
  t/t5505-remote: use test_path_is_missing
  t/t5505-remote: remove dependency on $origin_url
  remote: remove dead code in read_branches_file()
  t/t5505-remote: test url-with-# in branches-file
  t/t5516-fetch-push: don't use branches-file
  ls-remote doc: fix example invocation on git.git
  ls-remote doc: rewrite <repository> paragraph
  ls-remote doc: don't encourage use of branches-file
  t/t5505-remote: test multiple push/pull in remotes-file
  t/t5510-fetch: don't use remotes-file
  t/t5515-fetch-merge-logic: don't use {branches,remotes}-file
  remote: add comment about read_{branches,remotes}_file

 Documentation/git-ls-remote.txt |  11 +-
 remote.c                        |  34 +-
 t/t5505-remote.sh               | 852 ++++++++++++++++++++++------------------
 t/t5510-fetch.sh                |   9 +-
 t/t5515-fetch-merge-logic.sh    |  28 +-
 t/t5516-fetch-push.sh           |  16 +-
 6 files changed, 516 insertions(+), 434 deletions(-)


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