Junio C Hamano wrote:
> I'll reject 04/14 and tweak this patch to use 'next' for the new ref
> mappings, not duplicated 'master'.

It's a matter of taste: I don't like "realistic" (albeit misleading)
values when I'm testing configuration variables, while you think they
make the tests more readable.  Fine.

> Patches 07/14, 12/14, 13/14, and 14/14 are bad idea (these will not
> be queued on tonight's pushout of 'pu'; neither 04/14 will be).  We
> may not be encouraging, but that is very different from deprecating
> the original mechanisms.  The tests that depend on them to work
> should be kept.  Otherwise, we will never know when we break them
> like we did at df93e33c accidenally.
> If we want to have tests that exercise the equivalents spelled with
> the modern in-config mechanism, they should be added as new tests,
> not by replacing the existing ones.

I disagree.  It is trivial to prove that the tests in t/remote will
break if this fringe feature breaks: I don't know where "we will never
know when we break them" is coming from.  Why should I know about this
fringe feature when I'm reading/writing tests for fetch-merge-logic?
And what is _advantage_ of depending on this fringe feature when
testing fetch-merge-logic?  More tests break?

But whatever.  I've already spent more time discussing (bikeshedding?)
this series than writing it.  I regret having written a stupid cleanup
series with no real consequence now; I'll be less likely to make the
same mistake again in the future.

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