Junio C Hamano wrote:
>   [PATCH 3/6] push: change `simple` to accommodate triangular workflows
>   Sqaushed in the fix to keep the semantics of "simple" when used in
>   the centralized workflow the same as before.

Yeah, I'm worried about this as I pointed out earlier.  I don't like
erroring out when no branch.$branch.merge is not explicitly set, when
the 95% usecase is not naming local branches differently from remote
branches (oh, and I already pointed out how difficult it is to set the
damn thing).  So, I'm working on a series to  make
branch.$branch.merge default to refs/heads/$branch.  Yes, I'm aware of
your "argument":

> We already have a sane default, which is to error out.  We do not
> need your broken default.

I hope (perhaps foolishly) to persuade you nevertheless. I fear that
if this series solidifies before I get there, we'll be stuck with this
stupid erroring-out behavior forever.
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