Junio C Hamano wrote:
> So you are forcing people to maintain _two_ variables, instead of
> just _one_, without making anything simpler.
> What's so hard to understand why it is a wrong design?

Fine.  Let's say I buy your argument about one-variable versus
two-variables: how do you solve the existing problems that are solved
by overriding GIT_REFLOG_ACTION that I pointed out?

> If you truly think this is "inconsequential", that unfortunately
> convinces me that you cannot yet be trusted enough to give you
> latitude to design interfaces that span multiple programs X-<.

*shrug* I certainly don't think one-variable versus two-variables
warrants this much discussion.

I don't have anything to win or lose: I designed a solution to the
problem which I think is reasonable; you don't.  Fine.  Show me an
alternative that doesn't involve rewriting half of the rebase
infrastructure in a series that fixes checkout-dash.
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