Arnaud Fontaine <> writes:

>>> +                   $(echo $strategy_opts | sed "s/'--\([^']*\)'/-X\1/g") \
>> Is it guaranteed $startegy_opts do not have a space in it?
> strategy_opts may be something like ( "'--foo' '--bar'",
> but I'm not sure what is wrong if there is a space in it though.

I was primarily worried  about "'--frotz=nitfol xyzzy'", where you
need to pass -X='frotz=nitfol xyzzy' so that 'xyzzy' part does not
become a separate argument directly given to 'git merge' and friends.

And adding '' around \1 is not sufficient, because the value given
to the "--frotz" may have to be "nitfol 'n xyzzy".

A comment next to that sed script that says "Currently there is no
strategy option that needs quoting" (if it is the case; I didn't
check), together with a guard to protect us against unexpected
strategy-opts, might be a workable band-aid, though.
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