Ramkumar Ramachandra <artag...@gmail.com> writes:

> 11920d2 (Add a built-in alias for 'stage' to the 'add' command,
> 2008-12-01) added a the 'git stage' command which simply calls
> cmd_add().  Since then, no references to it have been made anywhere on
> the internet; 

$ git sta<TAB>
stage    stash    status 

So the command is discoverable.

Also, googling a bit gives me this:


It's not particularly visible, but it's discoverable.

> there is no evidence that anyone even knows about its existence.

I did :-\.

I can very well live without it, but the few people like me who
sometimes run "git stage" would be surprised if it stopped working
without a deprecation period.

(In my case, I read the thread so it's OK, but there may be others)

>  Documentation/git-stage.txt | 23 -----------------------
>  Makefile                    |  3 +--
>  git.c                       |  1 -

If you go for it, there's also the completion script:

_git_stage ()

Matthieu Moy
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