SZEDER Gábor <> writes:

> Hi,
> displaying the git-specific bash prompt on Windows/MinGW takes quite
> long, long enough to be noticeable.  This is mainly caused by the
> numerous fork()s and exec()s to create subshells and run git or other
> commands, which are rather expensive on Windows.
> This patch series eliminates many command substitutions and command
> executions in __git_ps1() from top to bottom by replacing them with
> bash builtins or consolidating them.  A few timing results are shown
> in the log message of the last patch.
> Changes since v2 [1]:
>  - The detached HEAD abbreviated object name is now unique and
>    respects core.abbrev; see patches 5 and 11, replacing v2's patch 9.
>    (This is why I asked the detached HEAD before root commit thing
>    yesterday.)  
>  - Patches 12 and 16 are new.
>  - Incorporated Peff's suggestion about using the 'write_script'
>    helper into patch 2.
>  - Incorporated Eric's typofix.
>  - Rephrased a few commit messages.
> It applies on top of current master; 2847cae8 (prompt: squelch error
> output from cat, 2013-06-14) graduated recently.
> This patch series will conflict with Eduardo's work on refactoring the
> colorizing function, and the conflict is not trivial.  Although there
> are still some open questions left with that series (using tput, zsh
> tests), those won't affect the conflicts between the two patch series.
> So, for the convenience of our maintainer, I picked up Eduardo's
> series, took the liberty to apply a fixup commit on top with my
> suggestions from [2], merged the two series, and published the result
> at:
> bash-prompt-speedup-and-color-refactorization
> Eduardo, could you please also check that my conflict resolution is
> correct?  Thanks.

Well, then I'll fetch that premerged result and queue it on 'pu',
wait for a while just in case if you need to reroll based on
somebody else's input and otherwise merge that down to 'next' and
then to 'master'.

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