Le 24.06.2013 18:55, Junio C Hamano a écrit :
Yann Droneaud <ydrone...@opteya.com> writes:

- Why git diff does not always report the CRLF/LF mismatch ?

Most likely because you are telling safecrlf not to error out but
just warn, and then you are not fixing the cause of the warning?  So
diff would say "Ok, you must know what you are doing, so I trust
what is in the index", perhaps?

- Why git status does not report about the CRLF/LF mismatch before
updating the index:

My suspicion is the same as "diff".

I'm ok with theses answers regarding the test case provided first:
the warning was emitted when the files were commited.

(But still I would like git diff/git status to behave the same regarding the "index":
 emit the warning and update the index,
I suppose it's not related to core.safecrlf but inner Git way of working).

Could you have a look at the other test case I've sent later in this thread / the rebase problem I've sent earlier in another thread.


Yann Droneaud

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