Dennis Kaarsemaker <> writes:

> Apart from the exactly matching refspecs, does git in any other way
> treat this as a special case?

Sorry, I do not quite understand, especially the "exactly matching"
part, which as far as I know is not special (in other words, I am
not sure what kind of "special casing" you are discussing).

>> In any case, I've been assuming in this discussion "allow" is to
>> silently accept, and overlaps are "warned" but not "rejected".  So
>> if you meant by 'outlaw' to die and refuse to run, that is not what
>> I meant.
> Well, 1/3 is a warning on add, 3/3 is a warning and refusing to prune.

By "refusing to prune" do you mean "error out with die()"?

I was trying to make sure your "outlaw" was not something else
(e.g. "die without not pruning anything that are not even
overlapping"), which is probably too strong.

I think what your patch did was "keep them around not pruned because
we do not know where they came from" (I just checked $gmane/228589
again); that is in line with "warned but not rejected", so I think
we are OK.

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