Hi --

I have a disk image of a small embedded device whose root file system I'd like 
to check-in to git as a means of distributing its GPL'd software.  In that disk 
image are device files, which GIT studiously ignores.  If symlinks are handled 
(contents being the path that the symlink points at), I don't see why device 
files can't be handled (contents being the type (char or block) and the major 
and minor device number).  TAR, for example, handles this fine, except that 
using tar in git sort-of goes against the granularity of the objects being 
modified (like adding a bunch of extra "sd??" devices), such that you are 
modifying a whole tar ball instead of the individual (device) files.

Is there a reason not to handle device files other than "its not traditional"?  
That's the only reason given in google or the IRC channel.


-- Perry

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