On 2013-06-27 20:46, Woody Wu wrote:
> I have a colleague who has to left our office for three month, but
> still need to work on the project which is hosted on our in-office
> git repository. Problem is that our company has firewall, it's not
> possible or not allowed to access the company LAN outside the
> building.  So I want to ask you expert, can you suggest a best
> practice of git workflow that suitable to my situation?

It would help to know a little more about the information flow and
the starting conditions.

- Was a clone of code made before leaving your office or does your
  colleague need to obtain the initial copy too?

- How securely do you need to transfer matters?  (email?  shared
  external service like Dropbox/Box.com/etc)

- How frequently do updates need to be made?

- In which direction do commits flow?  Just from your colleague back
  to the office, or are there other updates happening in the office
  that your colleague needs to pull down to keep in sync?

Without such answers, it's a little hard to suggest more than
transmitting either patch files or bundles using any of the following:
email, a shared cloud drive, a shared host out accessible on the net,
or sneakernet media (flash-drive or CD/DVD, perhaps via the postal
system), or possibly other means.

You may want to

  git help format-patch
  git help am
  git help bundle


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