I just discovered a major problem for
Mac OS and Windows people:

In contrib/mw-to-git/ there is a file called "git".
And there is a directory called "Git".

This does not work very well on case insensitive file systems.
When the file "git" is created, we can not create a directory
called "Git", as "Git" is mapped to "git".
And vice versa.

Can we try to rename one of them ?

The other interesting thing is that git 1.8.3 didn't like the
After checking out the pu branch, 
git status says:
deleted:    contrib/mw-to-git/Git/Mediawiki.pm

So I could not change to another branch/commit...
git stash didn't resolve the situation either.

The following saved my repo:
git mv contrib/mw-to-git/git contrib/mw-to-git/git.exe
git checkout contrib/mw-to-git/Git/Mediawiki.pm
git checkout -b xxx_git_Git_conflict
git commit -a -m xxx_git_Git_conflict

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