On Fri, Jun 28, 2013 at 12:16:53AM +0200, Matthieu Moy wrote:
> IMHO, that would be terrible for beginners.
> My experience with many beginners/students is: they run "git pull" to
> get changes from their co-workers, don't read the messages.

I admit that I'd be happy with a config option that just disabled pull
entirely (forcing people to fetch/merge explicitly) to avoid this type
of beginner mistake.  With an unconfigured pull.rebase, this patch
does that for merge/rebase cases, while still letting folks pull when
it's a clean fast forward (usually ok).

I'd also be happy with an opt-in disable.  The real solution would be
to talk my group out of using a central shared repository or into
using pull-free feature branches, but I don't see either on my
horizon.  Git doesn't need to change to mitigate sloppy-shared-repo
problems, but having some sort of anti-pull configuration option would
certainly help me out.


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