Am 28.06.2013 13:59, schrieb Stefan Näwe:
> Hi there!
> Is there any reason why 'git clone -b' only takes a branch (from refs/heads/)
> or a tag (from refs/tags/) ?
> Background: At $dayjob we're using some kind of 'hidden' refs (in 
> refs/releases/)
> to communicate between the 'branch integrator' (who creates the ref in 
> refs/releases/)
> and the 'build master' who wants to build that ref. 
> It would be a little easier if the build master could simply say
>   git clone -b refs/releases/the-release-for-today URL
> instead of: git clone... ; cd ... ; git fetch... ; git checkout....
> Any answer or even a better idea to solve that is appreciated.
> Stefan

Oh, and while at it:

This doesn't look/feel right:

  $ git clone -b refs/heads/master git/.git other-git
  Cloning into 'other-git'...
  fatal: Remote branch refs/heads/master not found in upstream origin
  fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

(where git is git's git which definitely has refs/heads/master...)

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