On Fri, Jun 28, 2013 at 12:31:53PM -0400, Jeff King wrote:
> It's possible to have an "optional" argument by using the
> PARSE_OPT_OPTARG flag. However, it is not backwards compatible from the
> user's perspective, as they must use the "sticked" form:
>   git format-patch -ooutdir ...
> to specify the argument. Otherwise, it is not clear in:
>   git format-patch -o outdir HEAD~
> whether "outdir" is the argument to "-o", or if it is simply the next
> argument.

That would be a possibility but I don't like breaking backwards

> I'm not clear how that interacts with your example, though. Your example
> tries to use "-o" to set output_directory to NULL. But it is already
> NULL if you do not specify any "-o" at all.

my goal is to make:
       git format-patch [-k] [(-o|--output-directory) <dir> | --stdout] [ 
<since> | <revision range> ]
to be:
       git format-patch [-k] [(-o|--output-directory) [dir] | --stdout] [ 
<since> | <revision range> ]

that would do:
git format patch -> current dir
git format patch -o -> default dir (for example GIT_DIR/.outgoing/)
git format patch -o <dir> -> user defined <dir>

But I guess I would need a new option instead. Something like

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