Jens Lindstrom <> writes:

Hmph.  I am of two minds here.

> The pack-*.keep files are temporary, and serve no purpose in the
> clone.

They are not temporary, actually.  A user can deliberatey create a
"keep" marker after packing with a good set of parameters, so that
the resulting pack will be kept, instead of letting a later repack
(with faster set of parameters) remove and replace it with less
optimal results.

> Worse, though, they are created with access bits 0600, so if the
> user trying to clone the repository is different from the user that
> caused the pack-*.keep file to be created, the clone will likely
> fail due to not being allowed to read (and thus copy) the file in
> the first place.

I am perfectly fine with a change that allows a local clone to skip
and not error out when such a "keep" marker cannot be copied, I do
not know if it is a good idea to unconditionally skip and not even
attempt to copy it.

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