Jeff King <> writes:

> So I think it is probably a good idea to remove it, but the
> justification is not "this is unused cruft", but more like:
>   This script was added in 36e5e70 (Start deprecating "git-command" in
>   favor of "git command", 2007-06-30) with the intent of aiding the
>   transition away from dashed forms. However, nobody is really working
>   on that transition, and even if they did, this tool will probably lead
>   them in the wrong direction, as it produces a large number of
>   questionable changes.

It is not "nobody is working on", but "it has already been used to
help the transision and served its purpose, and is no longer is very
useful for follow-up work because the majority of remaining matches
it finds are false positives."
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