Torsten Bögershausen <> writes:

> I testet "rj/cygwin-remove-cheating-lstat" with the "socket pipe" on top:
> no hanging.
> Then I run "rj/cygwin-remove-cheating-lstat" without "socket pipe",
> (or in other words git.git/pu):
> No hanging.

So an immediate conclusion is that we can forget about this patch?

> So at the moment I don't have any problems to report for cygwin, which is 
> good.
> And it looks as if "rj/cygwin-remove-cheating-lstat" prevents the "hanging",
> so there is another +1 to keep it and move it into next.

Ramsay started a "mark places we call lstat() when we do not really
need fully correct lstat" topic, and I think it may be a sane
direction to go, as long as the helper function's semantic is
clearly defined.

It would be worth seeing where it leads us, before ripping that
"cheating and incomplete lstat out, I think.
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