On 01/07/13 03:30, Jens Lehmann wrote:
> Am 29.06.2013 11:11, schrieb Chris Packham:
>> On 28/06/13 22:42, Fredrik Gustafsson wrote:
>>> technically it looks fine to me (except for the lack of tests) but I'm
>>> not sure I follow the use case.
>>> In your case, you want to run a script to determinate if that certain
>>> submodule should use merge or rebase depending on "whatever". And this
>>> can't be done with git submodule foreach because you want to know the
>>> sha1 to update to. Have I understood you correctly?
>> Correct. We tend to have submodules that are just normal detached heads
>> which we don't usually touch and others that are actively developed
>> where we would use submodule.x.update=rebase (I personally do) but some
>> developers want to use stgit on those repositories.
>> Another approach could be to do a 'git pull --no-recurse-submodule' then
>> use 'git submodule foreach script-that-does-the-rebase'. The benefit of
>> the patch I sent is that it can be setup using the config variables[1]
>> and updated the normal way along with the detached HEADs and those using
>> plain git branches.
> Wouldn't a "stgit submodule update" (which would do the Right Thing for
> submodules initialized with stgit by maybe just using the pull & foreach
> logic you described) be a better UI for solving your problem?

Yeah I guess so. I was hoping to stay away from an stgit specific
solution but I'm not hearing any other voices looking for such flexibility.

>> There may be other use-cases for integration with other tools as well
>> (e.g. something that updates a review tool when commits get rebased).
>> --
>> [1] I'm not crazy about the name of submodule.*.update.command but I
>> couldn't think of a better one.
> Hmm, if we go that route, why not do the same we do for aliases? If
> the submodule.*.update setting is prefixed with a '!', we just execute
> the shell command following. This would give everyone the freedom to
> do arbitrary stuff if the current none, checkout, merge & rebase won't
> do the trick without having to add another config option.

Make sense. I'll give it a go.

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