Kyle McKay <> writes:

> I was not previously aware that URLs not shown on that page were
> accepted, thank you for bringing it to my attention.
> Do you feel that it's important to accept these alternate URL versions
> that are not listed on the project page:
> 1) Optional trailing '/'
> 2) For the ssh scp form, optional leading '/'

I am on the fence.  As long as the accepted URL forms are advertised
clearly (which you guys do indeed do), I do not think there is much
reason to spend effort to "loosen" it again.  People can adjust.  On
the other hand, loosening _might_ reduce the cost of "support calls"
(like the one I just did) from long-time users.  I dunno.

I just (1) was curious, as getting "error 403" when I didn't mean to
talk to an HTTP server was strange, and (2) wanted to make sure I am
talking with the same without a funny MITM.  If I sounded
like complaining, that wasn't intended, and I am sorry.

Thanks for serving the community for all those years.

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