On 07/01/2013 11:58 PM, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Michael Haggerty <mhag...@alum.mit.edu> writes:
>> My understanding is that we are waiting on two things:
>> 1. Consensus from the community.  I would characterize the feedback on
>> the mailing list as limited in quantity but strongly positive [1-4] and
>> I think that most/all of the wishes for post-receive-email features that
>> were originally omitted from git-multimail have been implemented in the
>> current version.  Some of the mailing list feedback was about earlier
>> versions.  Do you want people to give feedback specifically about the
>> current version?
>> 2. For me to figure out what part of the git-multimail history I think
>> should be included in the Git project, do any necessary repository
>> rewriting, and submit a pull request to you.  The fact that I haven't
>> gotten to this is due to the fact that I've been busy getting git-imerge
>> [5] ready to present at GitMerge.
> Ping, now GitMerge is over?

Yes, and its reverberations are slowly getting under control, too :-)

> No need to hurry, but just to make sure this didn't disappear from
> everybody's radar.

I definitely haven't forgotten it.  I wasn't so happy with the script's
Python API, and was holding off on the final submission to avoid casting
the old way in stone.  But I finally had some time over the last two
weekends to convert to what I think is a more sensible system [1].  (I
also improved the test coverage considerably.)

Feedback would be very welcome, especially from people who have tried
out the old Python API.  I am even willing to personally help people
adapt to the new API, as it would help me verify that real-life
customizations are now indeed easier.  (Ævar, any news?)

This week I want to convert $WORK to the new version; after that I would
feel comfortable submitting to Git contrib.

(By the way, the changes don't affect how the script can be configured
via "git config" settings, or its backwards compatibility with
post-receive-email.  The improvements are all to the Python API.)

I have a logistical question: git-multimail doesn't have its own mailing
list, and GitHub doesn't offer one.  I was thinking about setting up a
Google group, but a few people at GitMerge suggested that I instead
direct discussion of git-multimail to the main Git mailing list.  I
would slightly prefer that, but I would first like to make sure that the
extra traffic (probably not much) would be welcome on the Git mailing list.


[1] "master" branch at https://github.com/mhagger/git-multimail

Michael Haggerty
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