Sedat Dilek wrote:
> Sometimes I need to bisect a previous Linux-Next version.
> What I am doing is to have the latest Linux-v3.x.y(-rcX) as stable base.
> $ git checkout upstream
> $ git checkout -b Linux-v3.10-rc7 v3.10-rc7
> Afterwards I checkout the latest Linux-Next remote repository with all
> its (new) tags (here: next-20130628)
> $ git checkout -b Linux-Next-v20130628
> $ git pull linux-next --tags next-20130628
> How do I get the latest available linux-version in the downgraded
> (current) Linux-Next local repository (example: I have parallelly
> Linux-Next-v20130702 and Linux-Next-v20130628)?

I'm not able to understand the question.  I'm not sure why you're
creating branches from existing tags.  You can easily do:

  $ git bisect start @ v3.10-rc7

(@ is a synonym for HEAD in the latest git)

You can also fetch all tags:

  $ git fetch --tags

and decide what to do with them later:

  $ git merge next-20130628

In the process, next-20130628 hasn't changed: you can still use it as a
bisect endpoint.

> If I have all -next tags merged-in, I will get always today's 'next-20130702'.
> Due to my poor git skillz I do this manually for git-bisect sessions.

*scratches head*

Can you try rephrasing your question?
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