Miklos Vajna <vmik...@suse.cz> writes:

>>     if (fast_forward == FF_ONLY)
>>         fast_forward = FF_ALLOW;
> Do we really want --no-ff-only? I would rather just disable it, see the
> updated patch.

Sounds sane.

>> I'm no options guru, but I think it would be possible to implement --ff
>> and --no-ff without callbacks if you choose constants such that
>> FF_NO==0, something like:
> Indeed, done.

Yup, looks good.

> Actually there is also --no-squash, used by e.g. git-pull internally.
> You definitely don't want a five-state option. :-) So for now I would
> rather let --squash/--no-squash alone.

Sensible for this patch.

Will replace what was queued.  Thanks.
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